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얼룩진 고무 가속기 TMTD-70

    지불 유형: L/C,T/T,D/P
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
    최소 주문량: 600 Kilogram
    배송 시간: 7 일


기본 정보

모형: Actmix®TMTD-70GE/C

외관: 과립

종류: 촉진 신경

Appearance: Orange Granules

Active Content(%): 80

Additional Info

포장: 카톤 당 NW25kgs + PE 봉투; 팔레트 당 NW600kgs

생산력: 800MTS per month

상표: Actmix, OEM

수송: Ocean,Land

원산지: 중국

공급 능력: 10,000MTS per year

인증 : TS16949/ISO9001/ISO14001


제품 설명


TMTD can extremely accelerate curing rate of natural and synthetic rubber and has good scorching safety. It almost does`t affect degree of cross-linking but lower scorching rate and extend total curing time when thiols or sulfenamides is added in. Aldehyde- amines and guanidines alkaline accelerators can activate TMTD. It is a primary accelerator with sulfur, a secondary accelerator with thiazoles and a vulcanizer in sulfurless vulcanization. Sulfurless or low-sulfur vulcanization can provide excellent heat aging resistance properties for vulcanizates.

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